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safety_image Safety 14 октября

Do’s and don’t’s in Russia At present time many foreign tourists are afraid to go to Russia because they think it is very dangerous.  Touristic forums are full of questions whether it is safe to go to Russia. Some tourists are afraid of terrorists, some — especially Americans — believe that current political situation can […]

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souvenir_image Souvenirs from Russia 14 октября

If you go to Russia as a tourist, you will obviously like to buy some typical Russia souvenirs and presents for your family and friends. This article is about the most popular souvenirs from Russia that I recommend (or not recommend!) you to buy.

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1406038202 Myths about Russia 25 сентября

Some people still believe that there is snow and bitterly cold all the year round in Russia, all Russians drink vodka for breakfast, and bears are walking along the streets. It is time to demolish these funny myths!

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Блины с красной икрой Russian cuisine 25 сентября

If you love to eat, you will love Russia!
Russians love to cook and love to eat. We have a lot of typical dishes – from soups and salads to desserts and drinks.

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currency Currency in Russia 22 сентября

All you wanted to know about money in Russia: how many cash I can take with you? Where can I exchange money? Will I be able to withdraw cash from my credit card? All these questions will be answered.

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