Saratov_1 What to see in Saratov 14 марта

Saratov is the last town on Volga where you can see real Russian winter with plenty of snow and freeze up to -40 Celsius degrees. As in all ancient Russian towns, there are a lot of monuments and churches in Saratov.

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Yekaterinburg_7 What to see in Yekaterinburg 24 февраля

Yekaterinburg is the capital of Ural. It pretends to be the «third capital» of Russia. There are plenty of historical, archeological, geological anf natural monuments and touristic attractions in Yekaterinburg and its suburbs.

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What to see in Tula 17 февраля

Tula is not a town “for effect”. That is why everything here is real, may be not always well-dressed and elegant as in typical touristic towns, but substantial and durable, having rich history. The reason for this is that the town is not used to play, it always worked and worked hard.

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Pskov_2 What to see in Pskov 16 февраля

Pskov has a unique image due to its Kremlin with ancient settlements and splendid cathedral, medieval buildings, elegant typical Russian churches, interesting museums and modern monuments. Wealth of Pskov history and culture attractshear a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

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Samara_5 What to see in Samara 15 февраля

Samara is a large town on Volga. Samara is so versatile that everyone will find an activity after his own heart. Religious tourists will become interested in orthodox churches, mosques and synagogues of the town. If you love history, you will looking forward to visiting a legendary and mysterious Stalins bunker.

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Ufa_salavat1 What to see in Ufa 12 февраля

Ufa is one of the largest cities of the Russian Federation. It is the industrial and business center of Bashkortostan republic. It is also the place where two religions coexist: Islam and Orthodoxy.

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