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Golden Ring

The Golden Ring is the chain of several ancient Russian towns northeast of Moscow.

These ancient towns with majestic monasteries and gold-domed churches, authentic cathedrals and splendid kremlins are frequently called “open air museums” and feature unique monuments of the Russian architecture.

Depending on time you have you can organize one-day excursion to one of the Golden Ring towns, or to spend a week moving from town to town every day. In this case the journey will not be wearing because there are no long distances between the cities. The average distance is about 60-80 kilometers. There are a lot of various touristic routes developed, and I’m sure you will find the one you would like.

There are eight principal towns included in the Golden ring: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, and Rostov.


Sergiev Posad is the nearest Golden Ring town to Moscow. It is the spiritual, religious and cultural center. Sergiev Posad is famous for its monastery – Hole Trinity – St. Sergius Lavra.

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Pereslavl-Zalessky is one of the orthodox centers of Russia. Impressive chapters of Russian culture and history are connected with each of five surviving monasteries. The oldest monastery was founded in XI century.


Yaroslavl is one of the most beautiful towns of the Golden Ring. If you have only one day you should visit Yaroslavl. It is the magnificent town spread out on high Volga bank. There are a lot of architectural and cultural monuments of Russian history in the town. More information about Yaroslavl you will find in the separate post


Rostov is one of the oldest Russian towns. Rostov Kremlin with five churches, the Uspensky cathedral and residential buildings surrounded by white stone wall is the landmark of the town.


Kostroma is the town having a great and lasting cultural legacy. For many centuries Kostroma had been an important trade and handicraft center. Kostroma is also considered to be the motherland of the Snow Maiden (Snegurochka).


Ivanovo is proud of its industry and history. It is one of the centers of art. Ivanovo is not as famous as other Golden Ring cities but it is no less interesting. Ivanovo is the textile center of the country.


Vladimir is the ancient capital of Northeast Russia. It is one of the largest touristic centers in the European part of Russia. Vladimir impresses tourists with its dimensions and beauty.


Suzdal is the pearl of the Golden Ring. Suzdal is the treasury of Russian architecture having more than 200 historic landmarks. It is the conservancy of ancient pre-Peter Russia.

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