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Moscow airports

In this article I will tell you about Moscow airports. In future I plan to write about airports in other Russian cities, but I think the situation is generally the same everywhere in Russia.


There are three airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo (SVO), Domodedovo (DME), and Vnukovo (VKO). All airports in Moscow are international, so your flight can come to anyone, please, consult your ticket.


After landing and entering the airport building you must go through passport control. Usually it does not take much time, just about 10-20 minutes. Typically foreigners are not asked many questions, the only ones can be: “Where are you from?” and “Please look here” (just to identify you). After passport control you will enter the baggage claim area. Typically you have to wait a bit till your luggage arrives. If your bag doesn’t arrive, you have to go to the lost baggage desk here, in the baggage claim hall. After you receive your luggage, you can go through customs using green channel if you have nothing to declare. You are allowed to bring in the equivalent of 10,000 USD in cash and/or traveller’s checks without declaring it. You can take with you not more than 3 liters of spirits and not more than 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars) without declaration. After customs clearance zone you enter the arrival hall. And then you will have to solve one important task: how to get to your destination.


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