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Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. It is the largest and richest city of our country. In Moscow you can find best and the most expensive shops, hotels and restaurants. Moscow is the city with century-old traditions, wealth of culture and history. In Moscow there are a lot of interesting places that are worth visiting.


— Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin is a fortress in the center of Moscow. It is the most ancient part of Moscow town. It is the main political, social, historical and cultural place of the country. The official presidential residence is also located here.

Moscow Kremlin is one of the largest architectural complexes in the world, it includes monuments built in XV – XX centuries. In the territory of Kremlin you can visit Armoury Chamber, and see several beautiful cathedrals.


— the Red Square

It is a large square in front of the Kremlin. It is the main square of the country. Here you can visit eternal light monument, see famous changing of guards. If you are interested in Russian history and communism, you could be interested to see Lenin’s Mausoleum.


— Saint Basil’s Cathedral

It is an orthodox church located on the Red Square. It is a widely known sample of the Russian architecture. Saint Basil’s Cathedral has a unique architecture. It is an ensemble of nine separate churches built on one foundation. The Cathedral is opened for visitors.


— The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

It is the most important Russian Cathedral. It is a new church built in 1997 at the site of the church destroyed in 1931 by order of Stalin. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is located not far from the Red Square. It is a great and splendid building that can be seen from various points of the city center.


— The Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre, which was opened for public in 1856, for many years has been regarded as one of the principal tourist attraction. You must visit it if you are fond of opera and ballet.


— Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery possesses a unique collection of Russian art. The museum collection includes masterpieces of the Russian painting and sculpture from 11th to the beginning of the 20th centuries.

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