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Myths about Russia

For a long period Russia had been concealed beyond the iron curtain. During that years world media had been telling a lot of fantastic stories about Russia and its inhabitants. Those days are gone, but some people still believe in made up stories. Let’s destroy myths!


Some people still think that we are all hard drinkers. Well, I do not drink vodka at all  Yes, some men drink vodka, but not everybody and every day. Vodka is cheaper than other alcoholic beverages, thus poor people in province drink it. But in big cities people usually choose whiskey, cognac (men) or wine (women). We are not accustomed to drink alcohol every evening before bed, most of us drink only on holidays or weekends.


It is strange, but some people still believe that in Russia bears go along the streets. Well, no. I haven’t seen any bear, only in the zoo :)

Cold winter

Winter in Russia is not so cold as it is thought to be. In central part of the country (which you will most probably visit) the lowest temperature is minus 10-15 Celsius degree in winter, and sometimes (but rarely!) it can be as low as minus 20-25 degrees. If you have warm clothes and boots you will be OK.

Chechnya and terrorists

War in Chechnya, terrorists – they all are gone. Now Chechnya and its capital – Groznyi – is a beautiful and original region of the Russian Federation. Groznyi has been reconstructed, now it looks like a modern city. Tourists say that Chechens are some of the most hospitable and welcoming people in the world. It is absolutely safe to visit Chechnya nowadays.

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