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Russian cuisine

If you love to eat, you will love Russia!

We love to cook and we love to eat. We have a lot of typical dishes – from soups and salads to desserts and drinks.


As in most territory of Russia it is cold from October to April we are accustomed to eat hot soups for lunch. I do not know any other country which is so fond of soups! Our traditional soups are borsch and schi. “Schi” is a vegetable soup with onion, carrot, potato and cabbage, made on meat broth. “Borsch” is much like “schi”, but with large amount of beet (so, borsch is red!). It is usually served with sour cream.

In summer we like to eat cold soup. It is called “okroshka” and includes sausages, eggs, potato, and cucumber. All the ingredients are diced and dressed with “kvas” – traditional Russian beverage.


Winter in Russia is long and cold. Fields are covered with snow, there is no fresh local vegetables and fruits. Since ancient times Russian women know how to “save” and cook vegetables for winter. You should taste salted cucumbers and salted cabbage. They are good with potato, meat, and alcoholic beverages (I mean vodka :)).

Buckwheat kasha

This cereal is very popular in Russia. It is not expensive; it tastes good and is health-promoting. You can eat buckwheat with meat, or, like many kids do, with milk. I know that many Russians emigrated to other countries suffer without buckwheat and ask for it as a present.

Pancakes (bliny)

We really love them! There are many ways to cook them, every housewife has her own secrets. Bliny can be eaten with caviar (on big holidays), sour cream, jam, or any other product you like! There is no rules!

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