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Do’s and don’t’s in Russia

At present time many foreign tourists are afraid to go to Russia because they think it is very dangerous.  Touristic forums are full of questions whether it is safe to go to Russia. Some tourists are afraid of terrorists, some — especially Americans — believe that current political situation can cause confrontation and be threatening to safety. Many tourists expect potential hostility from Russians.

I can assure you that Russia is not so dangerous as you can thought it to be. Russia is safe for travelling. People in Russia are very friendly. Russia is developing its tourist business, authorities try to make Russia attractive for tourists, and I don’t remember any bad situations with tourists involved.

I believe that almost all safety “don’t’s” in Russia will be the same as in all touristic cities in Europe and America: Don’t walk at night along bedroom communities. Don’t take taxi at night if you are alone. Don’t sit in taxi if there is a person besides the driver. Negotiate the price with the driver beforehand. Of course, don’t flash expensive gadgets or large sums of money in public like in every other big city where tourists can be targeted, but that should be common sense.

You should not be afraid of  potential confrontations with Russian residents based on political situation.  Russians, especially young, are not much interested in politics. We know the political situation, yes, we can even dislike some political figures, but we do not think the same about all people. You will not encounter any anti-american hostilities. Moreover, many Russians are interested in America. We know history of the USA, we love American food and movies. There are loads of American tourists and business people in Russia, and thy are all treated in a civilized way.

Conflicts are unlikely. Although there are exceptions. Conflicts are possible in the night youth clubs, especially if you drink heavily.

Well, I want to be honest: Russia is not a safe place for all. Russia can be very inhospitable to homosexuals. Many russians are not tolerant to them, unfortunately. Homosexuals can come across hostility even in the center of Moscow in the middle of the day, and they can be in real danger in any small town or village. Do not go to night clubs for heterosexuals.

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