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Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia. It is also called as the cultural capital of Russia. There are few towns in the world that have so many tourist attractions, museums, theatres, manors and palaces, parks and monuments. Literary and musical heritage of Saint Petersburg is not less than outstanding – a lot of famous writers, poets and composers were inspired by Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is in the list of World Heritage Sites alongside with Paris, Rome and Venice.

Saint Petersburg is also a “town of bridges”. 68 rivers, channels and lades cross the city in various directions and form 42 islands. There are 580 bridges in Saint Petersburg and its suburbs, including 20 leaf bridges.


How to go to Saint Petersburg

By air

International airport Pulkovo is located just 18 km from Saint Petersburg. You can use a bus to go to “Moskovskaya” metro station. If you prefer taxi, you can find official taxi stand in the airport terminal.

By train

You can go to Saint Petersburg by train. Trains from Moscow to Saint Petersburg go almost every hour. The trip will take about 8 hours by quick train, or about 4 hours if you go by high-speed train. The trip in Sapsan (branded high-speed train) will also take about 4 hours.

By bus

You can also come to Saint Petersburg by bus. It is not very comfortable but cheap. This transport is popular among tourists from the adjacent countries: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania. It is also possible to go from Moscow by bus, the trip will take about 10 hours.


Transport in Saint Petersburg


Metro is a very popular means of transport in Saint Petersburg. The network consists of 5 lines and 64 metro stations. There are some closed type stations – at these stations platforms are separated from rails by doors, and the passengers do not see coming train. Such structure protects metro stations from water in case of flood.

Aboveground transport

You can move around the town by autobus, trolleybus or tramway.

Water transport

As Saint Petersburg stays on water, rivers and channels are important transport arteries of the city. During summer water transport is used to travel along the city and to get to adjacent towns.

If you are in Saint Petersburg you must take an excursion around the city and its suburbs by boat. Moreover, I think that to use water transport is the best and the most interesting way to go to Petergof.

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