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Sochi is sometimes called to be the resort capital of Russia. The big Sochi stretches along the Black Sea for 147 kilometers, and includes Adler, Khosta, Matsesta, Dagomys and Lazarevskoe. More than 3 billions of tourists come to Sochi every year.


Sochi is located between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains. Its unique location makes Sochi very attractive for tourists. Imagine that you can ski in Krasnaya Polyana where mountains are covered with snow, then drive down to the coast for about half an hour and swim in the warm sea! There is hardly any place in the world where such different climatic zones are combined so confortably.

Average summer temperature in Sochi is 26 Celsius degree, seawater temperature is 24 Celsius degree. The sea is comfortable for swimming from the end of May to the middle of October.


Sochi is also a spa and rehabilitation resort. There are more than 50 mineral springs in Sochi region. A large number of illnesses can be successfully treated at the Sochi resort. Sochi has also great reserves of therapeutic mud. Combination of unique mineral water, therapeutic mud, and modern equipment make Sochi one of the best places for rehabilitation and health improvement. The most favourable period for therapy is the off-season from October to May.

Adler airport is located 40 kilometers from the Sochi’s center. Sochi has connections with many Russian cities, including Saint Petersburg and Moscow.


In 2014 Sochi hosted the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games. The city had been renovated and reconstructed, a lot of new sport and infrastructure objects had been built for the games. Nowadays Sochi is one of the most modern cities of Russia. It is comfortable for residents and hospitable for tourists.

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