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Souvenirs from Russia

If you go to Russia as a tourist, you will obviously like to buy some typical Russia souvenirs and presents for your family and friends. This article is about the most popular souvenirs from Russia that I recommend (or not recommend!) you to buy.


— Matreshka

Russian matreshka, or “man-in-man” as it is frequently called by foreigners – is the most popular souvenir from Russia. Matreshka is a Russian wooden toy which looks like a painted doll inside which there is a similar but smaller doll. There are three or more dolls in one matreshka. I saw matreshkas with seven dolls inside. The smallest one was of the size of little finger nail! I do not know any other countries where such doll exists. For Russians matreshka is also a souvenir from the depth of the centuries. Our children do not play with them usually.


— Cheburashka

If you have kids then buy Cheburashka as a gift. Cheburashka is a character made by Russian children’s story write more than 50 years ago. In Russia everybody knows and loves Cheburashka, it is a nice and cute furry animal. Since 2004 Cheburashka is the symbol of the Russian Olympic team.


— Ceramic tableware

Ceramic tableware made by Gzhel factory is characterized by recognizable and unique decorative pattern. It is always a blue picture white background. Gzhel porcelain is of premium quality. Gzhel tableware is sort of expensive but it is good value for money. I think Gzhel tableware can be a good present for an important person.


— Black caviar

Black caviar is the most expensive and prestige Russian delicacy. Sometimes it is called “black gold”. It is really a unique product. But I do not recommend you to buy black caviar as it is almost impossible for you to buy a high-quality product. You can not buy good product in a gift shop!

You will be surprised to know that many Russians have never tasted black caviar! It is very expensive for most of us. Moreover, many of us do not like the taste. It is very specific, you know.


— Russian scarfs

These scarfs are very warm but surprisingly light. Orenburg downy scarfs are made from down of a certain goat breed. It is recognized that a real downy scarf can be pulled through a ring.

The Russian scarf can be a good present not only for an aged woman “for warmth” but also to a young girl – at present these scarfs are fashion accessories, many models and stars use Russian scarfs in their looks.

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