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What to see in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik is a town in Krasnodar region, and one of the popular seaside resorts at the Black sea coast of the Caucasus. Length of the Black sea coastline is about 100 km. The town is located in a beautiful bay, its climate and nature surprise and excite tourists. If it is not warm enough to swim, you can go for an excursion and enjoy beauties of nature.



The principal value of Gelendzhik is its wide 12km long promenade. It extends between two capes of the bay. The street is deliberately noble, decorated with white railing and lanterns. The promenade is never empty. It is particularly crowded in the evening when tourists go for a walk. In the central part of the promenade there are a lot of sculptures, monuments, flower-beds and fountains.

Sail rock


You must see this real natural wonder — the sail rock. It is an absolutely flat stone rock formed under influence of wind and water. In lower part of the rock there is a hole. There is a story that it is a trace of a cannon ball of the 19th century.

Address: Gelendzhik, Praskoveevka village.

Safari park


In this place you can spend the whole day. Both children and adults will enjoy it. It is a huge natural complex where you can oversee animals in large constrains, get to the top of Markothsky mountain chain and look at Gelendzhik at a hight. Cableway is 1600 m long, the rise lasts 24 minutes. There is a cafe and a restaurant at the top. In Safari park you can also visit an interesting Sea museum.

Address: Gelendzhik, Odesskaya str, 13a


Famous Gelendzhik winery is an entertainment for adults. You come to the modern winery, but then find yourself in a winery as it was at the end of the XIX century. You will go down to the cellar where wine is stored in huge barrels. During the excursion you will be taught to taste wine.

Address: Gelendzhik, Solnechnaya str, 2


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