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What to see in Ivanovo


Ivanovo is a small Russia town staying near Uvod river. The town is positioned almost in the center of Russia. It is an administrative center of the region.

Ivanovo was founded in 1871. But first manufactures where skillful handy women weaved and spanned appeared here in XVIIth century. For centuries the town had been the textile capital of Russia. As there were much more women in town than men, the town got its nickname: «town of brides». To the present time there is a girl with a spinning wheel and a shiver in the flag and emblem of Ivanovo.

Ivanovo is included in the Golden Ring, and there are reasons for it: there are a lot of museums in the town. Ivanovo is known for ancient churches, historical monuments, houses of rich manufacturers, luxurious manors. You will also like surrounding nature which is typical Russian one: dense pine forests and lucent birch woods.

Schudrov’s chamber


Schudrov’s chamber is sometimes referred to as the symbol of Ivanovo. This civil building is the oldest architectural monument in Ivanovo. It was built in the end of the XVIIth century. It is a small but full copy of Pre-Peter Russian chamber. The office of estate manager located in here. In the XIXth century the chamber was owned by rich industrialist Osip Schudrov after whom it got its name.

Address: Ivanovo, 10th Avgusta str., 36A

Sviato-Vvedensky monastery

Sviato-Vvedensky nunnery is one of the architectural landmarks of Ivanovo. The monastery was built just 25 years ago. The monastery is located in the central part of the town. The place for the nomastery construction is notable in all respects. Close by the monastery there is a church built in the beginning of the XXth cntury, now it is included in the monastery’s complex. Sisters living in the monastery work for charitable causes. The monastery also receives pilgrims.

Address: Ivanovo, Bazisnaya str., 23

The Industry and Art Museum


The building of the industry and art museum is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Ivanovo. It was built in 1914 by industrialist Dmitry Burylin who planned to display here his collection of rarities and antiquities. Nowadays the museum has several halls. All tourists who love ancient books, porcelain items, splendind paintings, collections of armament and coins will be pleased to visit the museum.

Address: Ivanovo, Baturina str., 6/40


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