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What to see in Pskov


Pskov is a town with its more than 1000-year history. It is literally «full» of various ancient attractions to the envy of many other old towns. Pskov has a unique image due to its Kremlin with ancient settlements and splendid cathedral, medieval buildings, elegant typical Russian churches, interesting museums and modern monuments. Wealth of Pskov history and culture attractshear a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

Pskov Kremlin


Pskov Kremlin (Pskov Krom) is the heart of the ancient Pskov positioned on a high hill upon the confluence of two rivers: Pskova and Velikaya. The Kremlin covers 3 hectares, and you can see a great number of ancient monuments and constructions here: one of the most important defensive parts built in XIIIth century — Dovmontov town, ancient Russian fortification «zakhab», office buildings and the queen of architectural complex — splendid Trinity cathedral with a bell tower.

Pskov Kremlin is built of white stone. In daytime it is reflected by water, and at night it is delicately lighted. The kremlin walls rise 6-8 meters and extend for almost 1 km. Along the wall there are seven towers, each of them has its own interesting history. For example, Kutekroma tower has a long history to tell: it was built in XIVth century!

The Trinity Cathedral


The Trinity Cathedral is the heart and soul of Pskov Kremlin, magnificent example of Russian religious architecture.

Modern building of the Trinity cathedral is the fourth, construction had been finished in 1699. And the history of the cathedral started in the Xth century when the construction of the principal municipal church had begun by order of Princess Olga. This cathedral is just the place where Alexander Nevsky prayed before the Battle of the Ice.

Gremyachaya tower


Gremyachaya tower built in 1525 at the right bank of Pskova river is the most legendary point of the ancient Pskov. It reminds tourists of medieval Roman towns.

Gremyachaya tower had been used both as a defensive construction (it has six floors and a large number of loopholes at every floor)and a strategy river water collection point. There is a secret manhole in the tower’s catacombs which goes to the river edge. The tower is relatively low: just 20m high.

Address: Pskov, Gremyachaya str., 8

Mirozhsky Monastery


Mirozhsky Monastery is of the most old monastery in Pskov region and in North-West Russia in general. The monastery rises on an abrupt bank of Velikaya river where it runs with small river Mirozha into one. Mirozhsky monastery was found in the XIIth century. The monastery is famous for its luxurious interiors. Monastery walls are covered with frescoes made by specially invited Greek masters. More than 80% frescoes were preserved, it is a record value!

Address: Pskiv, Mirozhskaya embankment, 2

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