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What to see in Ryazan


Ryazan is located in the center of the European part of the Russian Federation. It is an interesting old town, but not a popular vacation destination, unfortunately. It is very difficult to find any tourist guides about Ryazan. But if you come here you will not be disappointed. There are several «must see» places in Ryazan:

Ryazan kremlin


Ryazan kremlin is the historical center of the town. During its history the kremlin has been rebuilt numerous times, and, nowadays we can see a complex of great monuments of old Russian architecture, and buildings related to classicism period between XV and XIX centuries.

In the Kremlin you will see embankments, walls and towers, eight churches, a bell tower, and several civil buildings. Ryasan kremlin is good both for educational tourism, pilgrimage and rampling. The territory is big and developed. You can walk along numerous passways, make wonderful photos, or visit churches and museums.

The most important and beautiful church of Ryazan kremlin is the Cathedral of the Assumption («Uspensky sobor»). It is almost the largest cathedral of the Ancient Rus. It is 72m high. The Cathedral is greater than the famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. There is a 27m iconostasis in the Cathedral — it is the highest iconostasis in Russia, formed by 155 icons in 7 rows. It is a real artistic masterpiece.

Address: Ryazan, Kremlin st., 15


Soborny park


Soborny park is the best place for slow walking in Ryazan. In summer it is very beautiful here. You should come to the Esenin monument, it is the symbol of Ryazan.

Museum of air-borne troops history


Ryazan is the birthplace of air-borne troops of Russia. There is a famous air-borne academy here. Museum of air-borne troops history is located in the building of the air-borne academy. It is a unique museum, it has no analogues in the world!

Address: Ryazan, Margelov square, 1


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