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What to see in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the touristic capital of Russia. If you need to choose the first place to see in Russia you should choose Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is on UNESCO list of cultural heritage alongside with Paris, Rome and Venice.

Saint Petersburg was established by the Russian tsar Peter the First in 1703. In 1712 the capital was moved from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, and for the two following centuries it stayed there.

From the very beginning the city has been built by the most talented architects and engineers from Russia and other countries. And nowadays it is with good reason that Saint Petersburg is considered to be the cultural capital of Russia and one of the most beautiful towns of the world. In 1990 the historical city center was included in the List of World Heritage Sites.

As you understand I will not be able to tell you about all interesting places in Saint Petersburg. I will just mention the most important tourist attractions.


The Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage is the pride of Russia. It is the largest cultural and historical museum of the country. The museum occupies 6 historical buildings, the principal museum building is the Winter Palace. Nowadays the Hermitage keeps almost 3 million of exhibit items, among which there are paintings, sculptures, art drawings, art and craft items, numismatic collections, and archeological findings. The Hermitage is the “must visit” place in Saint Petersburg.


St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is the unique monument of architecture and religion, which astounds tourists with its dimensions, rich and beautiful decoration. You can visit the cathedral (there is an excursion inside) and to climb the piazza. The view from the piazza to the center of Saint Petersburg is grand and amazing.


Summer garden (“Letny sad”)

Summer garden is the park ensemble. The garden was founded in 1704 by the order of the tsar Peter I. The park is remarkable for collection of marble sculptures created by Italian artists in XVII – XVIII centuries.


Bridge raising and “white nights”

A lot of tourists try to visit Saint Petersburg in June to see the famous “white nights’. During this period the sky is never black, and it is twilight all night. In summer the weather is comfortable to see raising of bridges. To see this action you need to go to the central embankment about 2 a.m.



It is an amazing place for the rest. It is called the capital of fountains. This luxurious country royal residence is frequently compared with Versailles in France. In summer time parks, palaces and museums of Petergof are one of the principal places to visit for tourists.

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