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What to see in Samara


Samara charms tourists from the first sight. If you arrive to Samara by train you will be impressed by the railway station building. It is the highest railroad station in Europe. The building was built in 2001, and it considered to be one of Samara’s sights for sure. If you have enough time, visit the view point positioned 64 meters above ground. The view is splendid!

Samara is so versatile that everyone will find an activity after his own heart. Religious tourists will become interested in orthodox churches, mosques and synagogues of the town. There are a lot of churches of different confessions in Samara. Orthodox churches prevail in number, there are 35 of them. Iversky monastery founded in 1850 is worth visiting first of all.

Stalin’s bunker


There are a lot of legends concerning Stalin’s bunker. All the legends are caused by the fact that all information concerning the shelter had been confidential for a long time. Bunker was constructed as a special shelter for the USSR Supreme Commander-in-Chief — Joseph Stalin. Samara should have become a reserve capital in case of Moscow occupation by Nazi during the World War II.

Stalin’s bunker is located 37 meters under ground level. It is one of the largest constructions of this type in the world. For example, Hitler’s bunker is located at a depth of 37 meters. Shelters of Churchill and Roosevelt are located just 2 floors under ground.

Stalin’s bunker had been secretly construction in February-October 1942. About 3700 people worked here. All of them signed pledge of state secrecy. That is why even Samara residents did not knew what was being constructed beyond the high fence.

Since 1991 the bunker works as a museum and can be visited by tourists.

Address: Samara, Frunze str., 167

Samara promenade


Samara embankment (promenade) is one of the most beautiful places of the town. Many tourist comes here first of all to see the great Volga river.

You can have a pleasant walk in any season. In summer you can lay on sand beach, have a swim or take fish. You can go to a paid beach and have a rest with comfort. Samara embankment is one of the most well-equipped in Russia. By the way, many kiting-lovers come to Samara in summer.

A lot of river cruises start in Samara — motor-driven ships go to Astrakhan, Volgograd, Moscow, and other cities.

Polish Catholic church


In the center of Samara there is a building which is absolutely uncommon for Russia — Polish Catholic church. Its full name is the church of the Sacred Heart. The church history started in 1890 when the local catholic community bought a land plot and built a wooden church. Samara residents called it the polish church because most of community members were polacks. In 1902 stone building construction began. The church was closed in 30th. Only many years later, in 1991, the building was passed to the catholic community. The church was reconstructed and consecrated.

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