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What to see in Sochi


Sochi resort is a place of interest itself: soft climat, natural complex, picturesque greenery, and tender Black sea make Sochi the one of the most attractive resorts of the Black Sea Coast. Yet, visitors will find something to see in Sochi.

Rotunda — a classical architectural structure located in the water area of the sea port — is one of Sochi symbols. And the city panorama you can see from a 30-meter lookout tower built on the Akhun mountain in 1936. The Akhun mountain is one of the highest city points, its height is 663 meter above the sea level.


In Soviet times Sochi was being developed rapidly, and became a luxury resort. A lot of magnificient luxurious sanatoriums and health centers were built in that time. These beautiful buildings still adorn the city. But main tourist attractions of the city are associated with its unique climate and exuberant nature.

Sochi suburbs are so notable and remarkble that they were announced to be the National park where all human activity is forbidden. The nature is amazingly picturesque here. There are about 40 rivers and streams running in the park territory, and more than 100 waterfalls. There are about 200 solutional caves in the park territory, some of them are of scientific interest.


The Vorontsovskye caves are the famous ones. It is the largest undeground agglomeration in Caucasus Mountains. Some caverns are full of water, passages between halls are sometimes so narrow that a person can hardly squeeze sidelong. One of the most beautiful cave within the system is the Estradnyi or Lyustrovyi Cave. It is 9 m wide and 20 m long. There are many fantastically shaped stalagmites, stalactites and other karst cave formations in the cave. Cave visiting impresses and gives you tons of unique emontions.

In the vicinity of Sochi you can also take in famous dolmens. A wonderful example of a monolithic dolmen tomb can be seen on the Godlik River; it was constructed about 4-5 thousand years ago. 2,000-3,000 BC. A flat platform was carved from a sandstone cliff at a height of 4 metres. The wall hangs over it. It has an opening through which the main horseshoe-shaped room with a spherical ceiling was carved. In the dolmen roof there is a 60-cm diameter round cavity. Debates on the appearance and purpose of dolmens have not died off so far, but the point is that there are a lot of dolmens in the region, inscriptions and pictures on them allow to believe that dolmens are religious buildings of ancient people.




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