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What to see in Tula


Tula is not a town “for effect”. That is why everything here is real, may be not always well-dressed and elegant as in typical touristic towns, but substantial and durable, having rich history. The reason for this is that the town is not used to play, it always worked and worked hard.

Tula is famous for weapon, samovar (Russian-type boiling tank) and honey-cake. Tula’s region is also a homeland of the world-famous Russian write Lev Tolstoy. Well, you see that everyone can find something interesting in Tula. Just hope you will have enough time :)

In addition to religious sights and museums, in Tula you can see preserved 18-19th century architectural development. There are a lot of interesting buildings belonging to that period: the Hall of the nobility, district court building, Batashev’s samovar factory, and many others.


The Armory museum in Tula

Batch production of weapon began in XVIth century, and first weapon factories appeared in Tula as early as in XVIIth century. In the beginning of the XVIIIth century the first state weapon factory was opened in Tula. Since then Tula has been the great armory center, and its old weapon factory works up to now.

The Armory museum was opened in the middle of the XIXth century. By the beginning of the XXth century the collection was so comprehensive that it was separated from the factory.

In the Armory museum in Tula you can also see the most popular production of the Tula’s weapon factory – Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Nowadays the museum occupies two buildings:  new separate building having the form of the Russian helmet, and another building in the territory of the Tula Kremlin.

Address: Tula, Oktyabrskaya str., 2 (“helmet” building)

Tula, Kremlin (old building)

Tula Kremlin

Tula Kremlin is a unique complex of architectural and historical monuments. It is a fortress built in the XVIth century. Inside the Kremlin there are two cathedrals: the Assumption Cathedral, built in the 1766, and the Epiphany Cathedral, built in the end of the XIXth century in commemoration of the fallen in the Patriotic War in 1812.

As a regular fortress the Tula Kremlin has the regular polygon form, wall perimeter is about 1 kilometer long.

Visit to the Kremlin will be fascinating! The territory is small but you can enter the towers. I highly recommend you to take a guided tour. The guide will conduct you through secret passages and show casemates.

Yasnaya Polyana


Yasnaya Polyana is the manor where the famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy was born and where he had been living for more than 50 years. This is just the place where he wrote his world-wide known books: “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina”. The museum carefully keeps old scenery and antique furniture, takes care of architectural monuments, and is concerned about preservation of natural beauty of this place.

In Yasnaya Polyana you can visit the house of Lev Tolstoy. The scenery of the 1910th – the last year of Tolstoy’s life – is preserved here. All things – pictures, books, personal items – are authentic, they were owned by the writer and his family. In the study room you will see the table at which the writer created his immortal works.

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