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What to see in Ufa


Ufa is one of the largest cities of the Russian Federation. It is the industrial and business center of Bashkortostan republic. There are more than 1 mln inhabitants in Ufa.

The city is positioned between two rivers: Agidel (Belaya) and Karaidel (Ufa). Neighbourhood of two nations -the  Russians and the Bashkirs — is seen everywhere. The signs and inscriptions are made in two languages, you can hear national language in transport and on the streets. For the long period of neighbourhood people learned to coexist peacefully and became tolerant. Сhurches and mosques stay close to each other, and many religious holidays are celebrated all together regardless of confession.

Salavat Ulaev Monument


When you arrive to the city by train or by taxi from the airport, the first monument you will see is the Salavat Ulaev monument. This monument of Salavat Ulaev — the national hero of Bashkiria — is the symbol of the city printed everywhere: on magnets, cups, t-shirts. Salavat Ulaev monument is the largest equestrian statue not only in Russia buth in Europe as well.

Lala Tulpan Mosque


Lala Tulpan mosque is a modern mosque which was built in 1998. It is located in the north part of Ufa, but its two 53m-high minarets are seen from various points of the city. Mosque’s minarets look like tulip buds — one of the principal islamic symbols.

According to sociologists more than a half of Ufa inhabitants confess Islam. It is Sunni branch, which does not have aggression or militancy agains other religions.

Lala Tulpan is one of the largest mosques in Russia. The moscue is known to the whole world. This is the place where the supreme mufti of Russia is homilizing during great religious holidays.

Address: Ufa, Komarova str. 5

Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater


The construction began in 1909, but it was finished only after the revolution. The building was used as the palace of labour and art. Only in 1938 it acquired the status of opera and ballet theater.

Ufa is just the city where young Feodor Chaliapin made his first appearance on the stage as a singer. The theater holds International opera festival «Chaliapin’s nights» in memory of this event.

In Bashkir state opera and ballet theater started a career of the famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev. The theater is just the place where his way to glory and international recognition started.

Both classic ballets «Swan lake», «Giselle», «Aida», and new modern plays can be seen on stage of the Bashkir state opera and ballet theater.

Address: Ufa, Lenina str., 5/1


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