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What to see in Vyborg


Vyborg is sometimes called as the only European town of Russia. This is the place, at the empire border, where the Svedes, the Finns, and the Germans lived. Nowadays Vyborg does not look very «european», it becomes more modern and unified. Nevertheless there are still many touristic atracctions in the town.

Vyborg castle


Vyborg castle is the symbol of Vyborg. The castle was built by swedish crusaders in XIII century during their march on Novgorod. Not only military men, but also merchants, craftsmen and clergymen lived at the castle island six hundred years ago. The castle had been reconstructed many times, its functions also changed. At present we see the castle as it looked at the end of XIX century.

Address: Vyborg, Zamkovy (Castle) island

Vyborg squares

There are several interesting and beautiful squares in the old centre. Three of them form a cascade: Rynochnaya, Teatralnaya and Sobornaya squares. You should also visit the square of the old town hall.

Old town hall

The old town hall is one of the most sightly buildings of Vyborg. This elegant building was constructed in 1643, and that time the town hall was the greatest building of the town. During the following centuries the town hall had been damaged and reconstructed several times. For the last time it was reconstructed after the War. Since then it is a residence building. In 1985 the old town hall was included in the registry of cultural heritage sites.

Address: Vyborg, Vyborgskaya str, 15

Monrepo park


You can have a rest in one of numerous parks in Vyborg. I recommend to visit marvellous landscape garden Monrepo, which is the largest park of the town. The park is divided in two parts: the first one is a developed area with bridges, benches and sculptures; the other one is a forest. It is a wonderful place for a rest.

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