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Yaroslavl is a very beautiful town. I was there is May. The trees were green, there were flowers everywhere, and I came under a spell of Yaroslavl. I saw intelligent and educated people, dressed in style and fashion.

Yaroslavl is located 280 km from Moscow. The trip to Yaroslavl will take about 3 hours. You can go by car or by train.

Yaroslavl is one of the most ancient cities of Russia. It was founded more than a thousand years ago! In 2010 the city celebrated its 1000th anniversary. Yaroslavl had been renovated before the holiday, and now it looks very clean and neat.

The town was found in 1010 by Yaroslav the Wise. According to the legend the prince hacked a sacred bear to death with an axe, and ordered to build a fortress on an unapproachable foreland. This place is called a “spit”. It is a point where two rivers – Volga and Kotorosl – run into one. Now there is a park with fountains and monuments on the spit.


Volga’s embankment is a favorite place for walks. There are a lot of local citizens and tourists here, especially in warm season. On the embankment there is a private museum “Music and time”. It is an interesting place to visit with huge number of various musical instruments, grandfather’s clocks, and bells of all sizes.

Kazanskaya chapel and monument of Yaroslav the Wise are known to everybody in Russia because they are depicted on the 1000 ruble note. It is such a fun to see them in real!


The first place to visit in Yaroslavl is the Spassky (St. Saviour) Monastery. The Spassky Monastery — founded in XIIth century — played an important role in the history of Yaroslavl, for the long time the monastery had been the cultural, trade and religious center of the city. The main church of the monastery – Spaso-Preobraxhensky Cathedral – is the oldest building in Yaroslavl. If you are young and strong, you can climb to the campanile. View from the campanile is great.

Do not forget to visit the bear Masha – authentic living symbol of Yaroslavl. Bear Masha is a huge beautiful animal which has been living in the monastery more than 25 years. You can visit Masha’s enclosure from May to October.

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